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Adult Medical

At Well Care Community Health, experienced providers offer quality care of acute and chronic medical conditions and injuries.  Weight and blood pressure checks are also available for patients without an appointment.

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Behavioral Health

Well Care Community Health’s psychiatrist, social worker and life coach provide an integrated approach to treatment of mental health and behavioral health issues. Our professionals help individuals address conditions and behaviors that affect their concept of self and their ability to function in everyday life.

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Dental Care

Dental health affects overall health. Well Care Community Health dental services team provides cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, and other routine oral health care.

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Family Planning

Well Care Community Health assists patients who want to plan their family size and birth spacing through a variety of important services, including physical examinations, education, and contraception. Family planning services help individuals avoid unplanned pregnancies, and improve health outcomes for women, children and families.

Go to Telehealth


We know that taking time off work, arranging travel assistance, or being fearful of venturing out during COVID or Flu season can make coming into the office for an appointment difficult for some. That’s why we offer Telehealth services to our patients whenever possible, allowing you to meet with your provider virtually. We also offer drive-up access, and will bring an iPad out to your car in our parking lot to allow you to speak to your provider without coming inside the building.

Go to Immunization Program


Immunizations, important for children and adults, protect against communicable diseases, such as measles, mumps, polio, flu, pneumonia, and others. Well Care provides these vaccinations regardless of ability to pay, protecting the health and well-being of our community.

Go to Maternity Services


Quality prenatal care helps reduce pregnancy and birth complications. Experienced providers at Well Care Community Health provide comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care and education to give mother and child the best chance for a healthy life. 

Go to Obstetrics & Gynecology


Well Care Community Health providers offer caring, professional services to address female reproductive issues, including menstruation and fertility problems, sexually transmitted diseases, hormone disorders and others.

Go to On-Site Lab

On-site Lab

Illnesses and injuries are diagnosed and treated efficiently at Well Care Community Health, thanks to the presence of an in-house CLIA-certified lab. Patients appreciate the convenience of having their medical care and laboratory in one convenient location.

Go to Pediatric Services

Pediatric Medical

You can trust your child’s care to the experienced healthcare providers at Well Care Community Health. Our services for children include well child care, including immunizations and routine physicals, as well as sick care and treatment of injuries.